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We brought together eight independent British research institutes behind a shared vision and unified identity, helping them clarify their purpose and carve out their place in the cultural and academic landscape.

We united the eight institutes under a single brand mission centred on the growth and development of their disciplines through international research.
Report cover designs for the BIRI
A man carrying a large cracked pot.
Designs for the covers of annual reports by the BIRI.
A design for exhibiting stats in a spread for the BIRI.
A design for pages of a report by the BIRI.
The consistent but flexible visual identity allows the institutes to communicate separately and as a collective, recognising that each institute operates within their own particular cultural and geopolitical spheres.
A design for a bookmark for the BIRI.
A stack of notebooks or books featuring the BIRI logotype and marque.
A design for a membership card for the BIRI.
A GIF showing different coloured cover designs for BIRI publications.
A photograph of a man making a pot.
Beyond the verbal and visual articulation of their new brand, we worked with the BIRI to outline new approaches that truly integrated their progressive, collaborative new ethos into their day-to-day activities.

The BIRI vary greatly both in terms of size and in the contexts in which they operate. Only have given the BIRI a common voice and a shared platform from which to promote our unique contributions to the UK academic landscape.

Carol Palmer, Director
Council for British Research in the Levant
The BIRI brand guidelines
Hoarding featuring the BIRI.