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The Beams is an expansive new venue and event space on the Royal Docks, in the heart of East London. Once part of the iconic Tate & Lyle sugar factory, the former warehouse was reimagined as a testbed for new culture, talent and experiences.

An out-of-home billboard advertisement for The Beams, an event venue in London.
An out-of-home billboard advertisement for The Beams.
The brand is led by a strong typographic treatment that represents the venue’s commitment to championing creative experimentation.
Paste-ups advertising The Beams' diverse cultural offer.
The Beams programme cover
The branded exterior of The Beams, an event venue in London.
The Beams tote bag
The approach allows teams to easily tailor assets for different audiences and events whilst being immediately identifiable and distinctive.
An interior photograph of a room at The Beams, with sunlight streaming through its tall windows.
An event guide for the Autumn/Winter 2023 season at The Beams.
Some example tickets for various cultural events at the Beams.
An example of wayfinding at the Beams, an event venue in London.
The Beams signage

The UK’s late-night scene has been under siege. A quarter of London’s clubs have been lost since the pandemic began. The Beams is our latest transformational project intent on reversing this trend. Only ensured this was our most successful brand launch to date.

Luke Huxham, Director of Development & Place
Broadwick Live
An out-of-home advertising campaign for a Honey Dijon event at the Beams.
Designs for a mobile social media post advertising a Skepta event at the Beams.
The external facade of the Beams in London.