Lost VillageRewriting the tale of a forgotten forest

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Our long-standing partnership with Lost Village, a unique festival experience in a remote forest in Lincolnshire, takes new shape as we evolve and redefine the brand’s distinctive identity.

A natural progression of our continuing partnership with Lost Village and the evolution of the festival – we updated the brand’s visual identity, extending the elements that make Lost Village unique.
A bespoke hand-drawn script featuring multiple variations of each letter and illustrations characteristic of the festival, allow for a broad range of expression.
We redesigned the festival’s website with a focus on exploration and discovery. The use of Franklin and Garamond throughout the identity lend flexibility and consistency, whilst offering space for evocative storytelling.
From an ancient burial site to an abandoned menagerie, a 1960s petrol station to a forgotten cabin, the disparate stories and sets that shape Lost Village come together in a compelling tale to capture the imagination.

Only have played a fundamental role since the inception of Lost Village nearly 10 years ago. As a key creative collaborator, they've helped us craft a distinctive global brand; fueling our mission as a truly unique event experience.

Andy George, Founder
An intimate knowledge of the festival helped us shape the brand’s narrative and develop a comprehensive visual toolkit, so the Village’s stories can continue to endure.